Jagged Alliance: Crossfire ships to retail, launches online

Jagged Alliance Crossfire (PC) Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 5

The mercenaries are heading back into the fire today with the launch of Jagged Alliance: Crossfire, the standalone expansion to Back in Action. After liberating Arulco, your motley crew of hired guns is being called to aid the nation of Khanpaa against another group of mercenaries who have seized power and are terrorizing the populace. This new outing features 10 new mercenaries, 10 new maps, a new 15-plus-hour campaign, and new weapons and gear that are both outdated and in short supply.

Kalypso also notes that the AI has been improved, as well as the graphics, performance, and interface. There are also options to toggle both line of sight and fog of war.

Jagged Alliance Crossfire (PC) Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 4

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action (PC) Crossfire DLC Announcement - Screenshot 4

Official Site: JaggedAlliance.com

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