Total War: Rome II in-game footage debuted in new gameplay trailer

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Sega has released a new trailer showing in-game footage from Creative Assembly’s upcoming Total War entry, Total War: Rome II. But don’t let the length fool you: most of the run time is from an extended post-footage ad that shows the previous live-action trailer. Those wanting to see more of Carthage getting their comeuppance from Scipio and the legions will have to wait a bit longer.

Total War: Rome II is scheduled to ship next year for PC.

The year is 146BC, brilliant tactician Scipio Aemilianus is dispatched by Rome to break the three-year-long siege of Carthage, an unforgivable blight on the glory of the growing Empire. Ruthless determination and an almost suicidal amphibious assault is required, but the young consul is uncomfortably aware that the price of victory may be much higher than the senate realizes.

Total War: Rome II (PC) In-game Trailer - Screenshot 1Total War: Rome II (PC) In-game Trailer - Screenshot 3Total War: Rome II (PC) In-game Trailer - Screenshot 4

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