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Sleeping Dogs to get story, mission, racing, and gear DLC

Sleeping Dogs (360, PC, PS3) October DLC Announcement - Screenshot 1

Wei Shen will be hitting the streets of Hong Kong again with a slew of downloadable content for Sleeping Dogs. The first drop is slated to launch in October for 360, PC, and PS3, though no specific date was announced. The upcoming packs run the gamut from adding street races to 20 new missions, new armor, new weapons, and new story-driven content. Specifics on just how the story will unfold will be announced on October 14 at a panel at New York Comic Con.


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Dragon’s Dogma mode update, Dark Arisen expansion announced

It’s looking as if the recently released patch and updated PlayStation 3 demo was just the first step in expanding Dragon’s Dogma’s presence. Capcom has announced that another update is in the works, which will add two new modes (Speedrun and Hard Mode), as well as an expansion set to launch in 2013: Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen. A trailer and a handful of screens for Arisen were also made available.


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