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Double Dragon: Neon unleashes raw high-five power on 360, PS3

Double Dragon: Neon (360, PS3) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Billy and Jimmy are back on the streets today with Majesco and WayForward’s new beat ’em up, Double Dragon: Neon. The download-only brawler, available on Live Arcade and PSN, tasks players with once again saving Marian from a rough-and-tumble street gang, the Skullmageddeon. Abobo and other nefarious series villains return to get kneed, punched, and kicked as they witness to some of the most vicious high-fives in gaming.


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Demons’ Score reveals its weird rocking ways with new video

Square Enix has released a nearly nine-minute video for their upcoming rhythm-based action title for Android and iOS devices, Demons’ Score. The footage offers gamers a chance to get a peek at the possessed heroine Serenity and her mighty tapping powers (and strange familiar) in the game’s opening cinematic and tutorial.


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