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Dungeon Defenders launches on Mac App Store for OS X

Dungeon Defenders (360, Mac, PC, PS3) Mac App Store Launch - Screenshot 1

Mac gamers can now dive into Trendy Entertainment’s dank, monster-filled dungeons with the release of Dungeon Defenders on the Mac App Store. Goblins, dark elves, orcs, and more await the mighty blades and spells of daring, squatty adventurers. The Mac version is available for $14.99, as are a slew of DLC packs, including all four parts of the Lost Eternia Shards expansion.


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SOE announces new expansions for EverQuest I and II, Player Studio

EverQuest 2 (PC) Chains of Eternity Announcement - Screenshot 1

Big news in the EverQuest universe today with Sony Online announcing two new expansions, one for the original EverQuest and the other for EverQuest II, and Player Studio, a new service that allows players to create in-game items and sell them in the marketplace for real-world cash.


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Drakerider launches on App Store with free first chapter

Drakerider (iOS) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Square Enix has launched a new role-playing game for iOS, Witchcraft Inc.’s Drakerider. The first chapter is available free, with the remaining four chapters running $6.99 each, and introduces players to Aran Lawson and his dragon, Eckhardt. The duo set out on a quest to save the world of Ingraine from an evil spirit known as the Dread. But in the end, does one really need a reason to ride around on a battle dragon?


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Trials Evolution to get Origin of Pain DLC this fall

Trials Evolution (360) Origin of Pain DLC Announcement - Screenshot 1

Ubisoft has announced that the first round of DLC for Trials Evolution, Origin of Pain, will be available this fall. Developed by series creator RedLynx, the 400 MS Point pack will include 36 new tracks, a new BMX bike, and “tons” of new objects for the track editor.


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(PC Review) Unmechanical

(PC Review) Unmechanical

“… an interesting curio of a game …”


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