Halo 4 Map Pack pass, Limited Edition’s digitial extras detailed

Halo 4 (360) Premium Edition Details Announcement - Set

Microsoft has revealed additional info about some Halo 4 Limited Edition’s digital extras, as well as a new Map Pack pass. While gamers who pick up the standard release will initially only have access to two of the eight Specializations (Wetwork and Pioneer), upgrade paths that unlock armor mods, emblems, and other customization items in War Games and Spartan Ops at level 50, gamers who pick up the $99.99 Limited Edition will have early access to all eight. The premium version also includes access to nine post-launch maps; a 90-minute version of the live-action Forward Unto Dawn series, along with behind-the-scenes footage; a UNSC Infinity Briefing Packet with armor customization schematics, blueprint of the Infinity, and other info; and six downloadable customization items, detailed below.

For gamers who want to go with the standard edition, a $24.99 War Games Map Pack will be available on November 6 that includes all nine of the post-launch maps included in the Limited Edition. In addition to offering a savings of 15%, the Map Pack also includes three in-game items: the Spartan-IV Scanner helmet, Strider helmet, and Falcon in-game emblem.

Exclusive digital content through Xbox Live:
• Spartan-IV “Recruit” In-Game Armor
• Spartan-IV “Prime” In-Game Armor Skin
• Assault Rifle “Prime” In-Game Weapon Skin
• “Prime” In-Game Emblem
• Xbox Live Avatar “Recruit” Armor
• Cryo-Tube Xbox Live Avatar Prop

Halo 4 (360) Premium Edition Details Announcement - ArtHalo 4 (360) Premium Edition Details Announcement - SkinOfficial Site: Halo.com

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