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Legends of Pegasus’ Arthrox revealed in new screenshots

Legends of Pegasus (PC) Arthrox Alien Race Announcement - Screenshot 1

Kalypso has released a batch of new screenshots for Novacore Studios’ upcoming 4X strategy title, Legends of Pegasus. The latest images reveal one of the game’s three playable races, the Arthrox, including their ships in action, the colonization interface, and the ship-design interface.


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Resident Evil 6 footage, shots show off Agent Hunt mode, Ada Wong

Capcom has a released a new trailer showing off some footage from two new modes, the separate Ada Wong campaign and the Agent Hunt mode. Ada’s side quest will be accessible once the main storyline with Chris, Leon, and Jake has been completed, and will include missions that feature her adventures during the outbreak. Agent Hunt, an optional online mode, also features an unlock mechanism, with certain stages becoming available once they are cleared during the three main characters’ various campaigns. As J’avo or another C-virus mutant, players will be able to run wild in other players’ games (a la Demon’s Souls) with the aim of taking out all of the human characters.


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Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies debuts for Android on Xperia line

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie (Android iOS) Android Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

The on-the-go Zombies mobile spin-off, Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies, has launched for Android. The Ideaworks-developed and Glu Mobile-published App is available now on the Sony Xperia line of smart phones and Xperia Play Optimized devices exclusively for 30 days, and will then be available for other Android handhelds. Zombies includes the maps Ascension and Kino der Toten, as well as Call of the Dead: Director’s Cut and the 50-level top-down shooter Dead-Ops Arcade.