Bond actors reprising their roles in Eurocom’s 007 Legends

007 Legends (360, PC, PS3) Actors Announcement - Screenshot 1

Activision’s upcoming Bondfest, 007 Legends, will feature several of the films’ actors to go along with the film-themed storyline. Daniel Craig, Michael Lonsdale, Naomie Harris, and Richard Kiel are slated to reprise their roles in-game. Returning characters include Bill Tanner, Hugo Drax, and the infamous Jaws. More actors are said to be taking part, with the rest of the cast expected to be announced in the coming months.

007 Legends is scheduled to launch on October 16 for 360, PC, and PS3.

A first-of-its-kind Bond video game, 007 Legends features an original, overarching storyline tying together five classic Bond movie-inspired missions plus a sixth mission based on this year’s highly-anticipated movie – Skyfall – which will be available post launch as downloadable content, to offer the most diverse Bond gaming experience yet! As with the feature films, 007 Legends equips players with state-of-the-art spy gadgets, an arsenal of weapons and sleek vehicles as they jet off to exotic locations and utilize Bond’s quick wits, class and style to take down notorious villains and their brutal henchmen and perform impressive stunts.

007 Legends (360, PC, PS3) Actors Announcement - Screenshot 2

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