Alan Wake, American Nightmare, and DLC on Steam for $19.99

Alan Wake (360, PC) Alan Wake's American Nightmare DLC PC Preorder Special Announcement - Screenshot 3

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (Xbox 360 version)

There was once a sale, but not just any sale. It was the kind of sale that could invert a person’s mind if they weren’t strong enough to fight off the endless tormenting temptation that hours of digital entertainment can bring to bear on the weary traveler who earns for a break from their mundane life. And SCENE. And with that poor attempt at Wakeness, Remedy has sent word that their psychological action thriller Alan Wake is part of the ongoing Steam sale.

From now through July 23, Alan Wake (the PC version includes all previously released console DLC) and its spin-off, American Nightmare, are being offered together for $19.99.

For more information on Alan Wake, check out our reviews of Alan Wake, Alan Wake – The Signal, Alan Wake – The Writer, and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare (360, PC) PC Launch Announcement - Screenshot 3

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (360, PC)

Alan Wake (360, PC) PC Launch Announcement - Screenshot 2

Alan Wake (360, PC)

Alan Wake (360, PC) Boxed PC Retail Announcement - Screenshot 1

Alan Wake (360, PC) The Writer DLC

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