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inXile to bundle original Wasteland with Wasteland 2

Wasteland 2 (PC) Original Wasteland Bonus Announcement - Header

With inXile hitting the Kickstarter motherload with their Wasteland 2 campaign, the studio has announced that they will be sweetening the deal by including the 1987 original. EA, the current owners of the original Wasteland, have granted inXile the right to bring the fan-favorite title to a new generation, who have only trudged through desolated cities in the third dimension.


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Sony details PSN Play summer promo for PS3, PS Vita

Sound Shapes (PS3, PS Vita) PS Play 2012 Announcement - Screenshot 2

Sony revealed some new details about their upcoming PSN Play summer promotion today. Starting July 24, and running through August 28, gamers will be able to pre-order four upcoming titles via the PS Store and receive a cash voucher based on how many titles are purchased. The four titles, The Expendables 2 Videogame, Sound Shapes, Papo & Yo, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, detailed below, will offer buyers a $10 PSN cash voucher when they pick up all three, a $6 voucher when they buy any three, and a $3 voucher when they buy any two.


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NIS gets educational with Character Chowdown for iOS

Character Chowdown (iOS) Announcement - Raaammmeennn Daannncceee

NIS will be bringing the younger doods and doodettes into the fold shortly with the release of their educational iOS puzzle game Character Chowdown. Developed in conjunction with Yummy Yummy Tummy, Character Chowdown will help players learn Asian language sets by using a variety of colorful characters in conjunction with memory-recall-style play, as well as tailor lessons so that users will receive extra practice with the words giving them the most trouble.


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PlanetSide 2 detailed in new Command Center Developer series

The first episode of the PlanetSide 2 Command Center Developer video series has been released, with Creative Director Matt Higby and Senior Art Director Tramell Isaac covering a wide range of topics for the upcoming MMOFPS. Items discussed include faction uniforms, SOE Live and other upcoming events, fan art, and the approaching beta.


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