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Free DLC launches for Forza 4, 2013 SRT Viper Pack

Forza 4 (360) 2013 SRT Viper Pack DLC Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

The free 2013 SRT Viper Pack DLC drop has launched for Forza 4. In addition to a drivable SRT Viper, the pack also includes exterior and cockpit views as well as “a brand new Autovista experience that showcases the car’s incredible features and details the model’s production history.”


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Sega kicks off new sale for downloadable Sonics

Sonic (Android iOS 360 PS3) Summer 2012 Digital Sale Announcement - Header

Sega has launched a digital Sonic sale to kick off the summer, as well as to celebrate the franchise’s birthday this Saturday. The deals, with discounts up to 70% off, are good for consoles, with PSN and XBLA discounts, as well as Google Play and App Store sales for the mobile versions.


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RayStorm available on App Store, RayForce discounted

RayStorm (iOS) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Square Enix and Taito have followed up the iOS port of their top-down shooter RayForce (known to North American Sega Saturn owners as Galactic Attack) with its sequel, RayStorm. Released in 1997 on the original PlayStation, RayStorm was the second in the Ray series and the first to feature 3D graphics. The iOS version, available for iPhone and iPod touch, includes an Arcade Mode as well as an iPhone Mode, which is a bit of a tweaked version with remixed music, updated graphics, and altered enemy attack patterns.


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