Drox Operative beta gets patched to ver. 0.901

Drox Operative (360) Pre-order Announcement - Screenshot 1

Soldak has released a new beta patch (0.901) for its upcoming action-RPG Drox Operative. The changes include added quick tips, a number of typo corrections, modifications to movement and control, and corrected sound clips. The studio announced last week that gamers who pre-order will have access to the beta, so those already on the job should have a smoother go at things.

Some of the changes are listed below, while the full list can be found on the official site.

• decreased mine damage to 75% of missiles
• decreased bomb damage to 50% of missiles
• doubled ballistic energy use to be comparable to beam weapons energy use over time
• tripled missile, bomb, and mine energy use to be comparable to beam weapons energy use over time
• now solving a quest at the planet doesn’t close the window (Lyranaar)
• increased BaseThrust from 40 to 50, will make player ships faster (just about everyone)
• increased MaxSpeedTurnMult from 0.25 to 0.3, will make player ship a bit more manueverable
• improve some goods wording and spacing

Drox Operative (PC) October Screenshots - Screenshot 3Drox Operative (PC) October Screenshots - Screenshot 4Drox Operative (360) Pre-order Announcement - Screenshot 4

Official Site: Soldak.com – Drox Operative Patches

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