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Street Fighter x Tekken Mobile announced for summer release

Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile (iOS) Announcement - Screenshot 1

Capcom is bringing more of their brawlers to the App Store with Street Fighter x Tekken Mobile. The portable version, set to launch this summer, will be based off the console release but redesigned for touchscreen controls. The mobile version will also include new modes and a new form of the tag mechanic. The four-character roster includes Chun-Li, Kazuya, Nina, and Ryu.


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Babel Rising available for 360, PS3, time to crush some peons

Babel Rising (360, PS3) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Mando Productions’ god game Babel Rising has launched on Live Arcade and PSN. The motion-controlled-centric smiting sim allows players to wreak terrible vengeance upon the ancient Babylonians as they display their mortal hubris with the Tower of Babel. Players use the Kinect or PS Move motion controller to call down one disaster after another, from lightning to meteorites, to fell the tireless workers.


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Jagged Alliance: Back in Action to get standalone add-on, Crossfire

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action (PC) Crossfire DLC Announcement - Screenshot 1

Kalypso has announced Jagged Alliance: Crossfire, the first standalone expansion for the recently released Back in Action. Scheduled to launch this summer, Crossfire sends players to Khanpaa, a once-peaceful country now under assault by mercenary troops. In order to secure his people’s safety, Ambassador Behnam Atiqullahs hires your company to see their tormentors on their way. Ten new mercs and a variety of new weapons will be available to tackle the new enemy types and hazards.


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(Xbox 360 Review) Akai Katana

(Xbox 360 Review) Akai Katana

“…the incentive to learn and improve continues long after the campaign.”


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