Zen Studios reveals tower defenser CastleStorm

CastleStorm (360) Announcement - Screenshot 1

The pinball wizards at Zen Studios are setting their sights on the tower defense genre. The studio has announced their plans to release CastleStorm, a 2D physics-based game centered on long-range warfare and resource management. Players will have access to a variety of spells, troops, and missiles, including morning stars, homing eagles, and flying sheep, to fend off invading troops attempting to storm their castle (ha!).

Players will be able to recruit knights, infantry, and indefatigable, merciless donkey riders to attack from the ground as they cast spells from afar. In an ode to the Castles series, an editor will be included so that players can construct their own fortifications, tweaking them for their preferred troop types and required resources.

CastleStorm is set to launch later this year over Live and other digital outlets.

“CastleStorm is frantic tower defense warfare with tons of weapons, enemies and characters. Fending off a barrage of Direwolves, Bear Riders and Hammer Throwers while destroying an enemy castle will make you laugh, think and adapt in order to survive!” said Mel Kirk, Zen Studios Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations.

CastleStorm (360) Announcement - Screenshot 2CastleStorm (360) Announcement - Screenshot 3CastleStorm (360) Announcement - Screenshot 4CastleStorm (360) Announcement - Screenshot 5CastleStorm (360) Announcement - Screenshot 6CastleStorm (360) Announcement - Screenshot 7CastleStorm (360) Announcement - Screenshot 8

Official Site: CastleStormGame.com

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