Konami pre-E3 show airing online tonight

Konami (E3 2012) PreShow Announcement - Header

E3 isn’t quite here yet, but that’s not stopping some companies from rolling out a few announcements. Konami is getting in on the action early tonight, with their second annual pre-E3 show, where they will reveal upcoming titles and offer hints at what else they have in store during the main show. The event will be available for everyone to watch at Konami.com – E3, and everything is set to kick off at 10:30 p.m. (PST).

Three posters were released to hint at what’s to come. I think I spy some Castlevania action in there.

Konami (E3 2012) PreShow Announcement - Poster 1 Konami (E3 2012) PreShow Announcement - Poster 2 Konami (E3 2012) PreShow Announcement - Poster 3

Official Site: Konami.com – E3

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