Crysis 2: Maximum Edition launches online for PC

Crysis 2: Maximum Edition (PC) Launch Announcement - Header

Crysis 2 is having another go at PC gamers today with Crysis 2: Maximum Edition. Available at and other digital outlets, Maximum Edition includes both of the previously released DLC packs (Retaliation and Decimation), two new weapons, bonus XP, weapon skins and attachments, unique dog tags, and nine multiplayer maps.

The Crysis 2: Maximum Edition is going for $39.99.

• 2 new weapons:
– FY71 Assault Rifle
– M18 Smoke Grenade

• Bonus MP XP

• SCAR digital weapon skin

• Decoy Hologram attachment

• Unique platinum dog tag

• 9 multiplayer maps:
– Park Avenue
– Transit
– Shipyard
– Compound
– 5th Avenue
– Chasm
– Plaza
– Prism
– Apartments

In Crysis 2, the aliens have returned with a full invasion force bent on nothing less than the total annihilation of mankind. In New York, terrifying alien invaders stalk the streets and a nightmare plague strikes down the city’s myriad inhabitants with brutal epidemic speed. The city’s systems are in chaos, its streets and skyline are smashed and in flaming ruin. Neither paramilitary law enforcement nor the might of the US military machine can stand against the invaders, and all who choose not to flee are dead men walking. Just to survive in this maelstrom of death will require technology beyond anything any modern soldier has ever seen. One man will inherit that means to survive. You alone must wield the combat technology of Nanosuit 2, and make the last stand to save humanity from destruction in the urban jungle that is New York City.

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