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Far Cry 3 summer Multiplayer Beta announced for 360, PS3

Far Cry 3 (360, PC, PS3) Multiplayer Beta Announcement - Screenshot 1

Far Cry 3 will be showing off its goods a few months early during a two-week beta run this summer. The Multiplayer Beta will be open to 360 and PS3 gamers who are GameStop PowerUp Rewards members and purchase Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier on May 22. Players have the option to choose which system they want to participate in for the beta, which they will confirm through the PowerUp Rewards site. For those who want to try their luck, Ubisoft is offering 500 keys in a Facebook contest, while “Ubisoft social channels such as Ubi.com, farcrygame.com, along with partner social channels and community and media websites” will also have be doling some out.


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Rayman Origins demo now available for 3DS on eShop

Rayman Origins (3DS, 360, PS3, Wii) 3DS Demo Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

A demo has launched on the Nintendo eShop for Ubisoft’s 3DS platformer Rayman Origins. The demo includes three of the game’s 60-plus levels: Swinging Caves, Playing in the Shade, and Shooting Me Softly. As Rayman or Globox, players will be able to swim, dive, and HairlyCopter about, getting a sample of the wide range of moves and play styles that the full version has to offer. There is no time limit, and the game tracks score and time attack records for increased replayability.



Metal Gear Solid HD Collection hitting PS Vita on June 12

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (PSVita) Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 2-1

After months of teasing with screenshots and increasingly narrower release windows, Konami has finally announced the launch day for Metal Gear Solid HD Collection: June 12. Vita players have a little less than a month to prepare themselves for some (more) portable adventures with Snake and Raiden.


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CCP Games opens beta registration for Dust 514

Dust514 (PS3) April Screenshot Announcement - Screenshot 4

CCP Games’ online first-person shooter cousin to Eve Online, Dust 514, is nearing beta. The PS3 exclusive, set to launch later this year, ties into the Eve universe by allowing console players to interact with PC gamers as the former pound the ground and the latter cruise the stars. Players interested in getting in on that kind of action can head over to Dust514.com – Beta and sign up for a chance to participate.


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