Akai Katana en route to retail with beams, bombs, and missiles

Cave fans itching for some bullet-hell action (or, to get a bit jargony, Pew! Pew! Pew! action) should keep their eyes out for their latest 360 shooter, Akai Katana. Publisher Rising Star Games has shipped their North American debut to retail, which will soon be transporting players to an alternate dimension where a bloodthirsty Japanese emperor is sacrificing his people to power his katana. The game features three modes (Arcade, Slash, and Cimax), original Arcade settings, online leaderboards and replays, and local two-player co-op.

Akai Katana carries a suggested price of $39.99. For more information on what it takes to be a mighty rebel warrior pilot, check out Rising Star’s Pilot Training series on Youtube.

“As our first North American title, Akai Katana solidifies our global position in the interactive entertainment industry,” said Martin Defries, president of Rising Star Games. “The support from fans and the community, combined with our future plans has been fantastic to see as the newest publisher on the block.”

Akai Katana (360) Announcement - Screenshot 2Akai Katana (360) Announcement - Screenshot 1

Official Site: AkaiKatana.com

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