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Hitman: Absolution gets Sniper Challenge, other pre-order extras

Hitman: Absolution (360, PC, PS3) Preorder Announcements - GameStop Sniper Challenge 1

A few new pre-order items have been announced for Square Enix and IO Interactive’s Hitman: Absolution. Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart are offering a suit and weapon combo, detailed below, while GameStop has thrown down the gauntlet with a standalone minigame: Sniper Challenge. Developed by IO Interactive, Hitman: Sniper Challenge will be available on May 15 on Live and PSN (August 1 on PC via Steam), months before Absolution’s November 20 launch. As an added bonus, all unlocked items and upgrades in Sniper Challenge will carry over to Absolution.


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Dishonored release date, box art revealed

Dishonored (360, PC, PS3) Release Date Announcement - Header

Bethesda has sent word that their fellow ZeniMax-owned cohort Arkane Studios is set to release their upcoming action title, Dishonored, on October 9. The first-person shooter features the exploits of Corvo, a supernatural assassin who was once in the service of the Empress’ guard but has since been framed for her murder.


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