Starhawk drops in on store shelves for PlayStation 3

Starhawk (PS3) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Lightbox Interactive and Sony Santa Monica’s sci-fi third-person shooter Starhawk has hit store shelves for the PS3. Set in the frontiers of space, players take part in a single-player campaign takes them through “diverse interstellar environments” as well as battle with up to 31 others in multiplayer that also supports four-player local and online co-op. Through the Build & Battle system, players call down structures from an orbiting space station to secure their base and strike back at their enemies as they engage in vehicle-based combat.

Starhawk features hired gunslinger Emmett Graves battling man and monster in search of valuable Rift Energy. Altered after extensive exposure to the energy, Graves lives on the frontier of space, taking whatever jobs he can as a mercenary. Settling back in White Sands on his home planet of Dust, Graves finds himself facing off against mutated humans known as the Outcast and a new faction, the Rifters, to save his family.

Players can keep track of their friends’ progress through a variety of features that allows community members to keep in touch and learn about tournaments, set up and manage clans, and check out leaderboards. And soon, an Android application will be available for players to keep track of all things Starhawk while they’re on the go.

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