Sony to delve deeper into Kratos’ origins in God of War: Ascension

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It’s time to see more of Kratos before he became the God of War. Sony has (officially) announced that he will be starring in a prequel to the long-running deity-slaying franchise, God of War: Ascension. Said to “show Kratos’ emotional path of redemption,” Ascension will also include an overhauled combat system, “promptless” mini-games, and a new multiplayer component. Up to eight players will be able to battle one another in several multiplayer modes, where they will have access to a variety of weapons and armor along with customizable avatars.

Set six months after the murder of his wife and child, the game begins with Kratos imprisoned in a titan-sized cage for the damned. He must battle the Furies as well as impending madness before setting off for revenge against the god who set his downfall in motion, Ares.

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“The bar has been set quite high for this franchise as each God of War title succeeds in being better than the last,” said Todd Papy, Game Director, God of War: Ascension, SCE WWS Santa Monica Studio. “But, unlike previous releases, we’re providing a deeper look into Kratos’ tormented past and psyche that fans have not seen before. Combined with refined gameplay, jaw-dropping visuals, and a fresh twist on competitive gaming with our new online multiplayer mode, I guarantee that God of War: Ascension will give fans what they have been eagerly waiting for, and much more.”

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