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Gungnir gets official website, new screenshots

Gungnir (PSP) Site Launch and More April Screenshots - Header

The Atlus Machine is kicking into high gear as Gungnir nears its June 12 release. In addition to the game getting its own slice of the web, a new batch of screenshots have been released for the Sting-developed strategy-RPG. This is the second batch from the English version, with the first released earlier this month.


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MechWarrior Tactics shows off in-game footage, new screenshots

A new trailer has launched and new shots arrived from Roadhouse Interactive and A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. Games’ MechWarrior Tactics. The upcoming turn-based strategy game will allow gamers to control and customize a host of armored combatants as a mercenary commander in the year 3025. The developers are looking to augment their hexagonized turn-based system with “tactical gameplay, deep collectability, and unique online features.”


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Deep Black: Episode 1 launches on Live Arcade

Deep Black (360, PC, PS3) PC Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 4

The first episode of Biart’s third-person shooter Deep Black is now available on Live Arcade. Released last March for PC, Deep Black tasks players with taking on the role of retired mercenary Syrus Pierce and tracking down the Al-Azrad terrorist network. Players will have to make their way through 40 missions in four different environments, set on land and under water, taking enemies down with bullets and harpoons.


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Konami prepping patches for Silent Hill: Downpour and HD Collection

Silent Hill (360, PS3) Downpour HD Collection Patch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Silent Hill fans who have been experiencing some problems with the recently released Downpour and HD Collection will soon be experiencing a smoother slice of hell. Konami has announced that patches are in the works for both titles, with the Downpour patch addressing an autosave glitch and the HD Collection’s on stabilizing the frame rate and correcting the audio-synching problems. Both patches will be available “in the coming weeks” on Live and PSN.


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Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes now on App Store

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (iOS) iPhone and iPod touch Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is now showboating on the App Store. Available for iPhone and iPod touch, Capcom’s over-the-top tag brawler includes all 56 characters, the variable tag system, and the Flick Button, a new control mechanism for pulling off advanced moves with a swipe.


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Tango Gameworks developing new survival horror title, ‘Zwei’

Zwei (360, PS3) Announcement - Header

Bethesda has announced that Tango Gameworks is working on a new title codenamed Zwei (not of the Panzer Dragoon variety). The upcoming survival horror title is under the direction of Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, whose Tango Gameworks company ZeniMax, parent company of Bethesda, acquired in 2010.


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QuakeCon 2012 pre-registation starts today

QuakeCon 2012 (Convention) Preregistration Announcement - Header

QuakeCon 2012 attendees looking to pre-register will be able to log in tonight at 7:00 p.m. (CST). As always, QuakeCon is free, but for those who want some extras, there are a limited number of premium packages that offer additional items to take away from the event. Details can be found below, but they range between $30 to $50 and are limited, the lowest to 350 and highest to 1,500, with items ranging from a Dishonored tallboy T-shirt to “fast-pass” access to panels and other events.


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