Halo 4 coming this November

Halo 4 (360) Announcement - Header

Microsoft has revealed November 6, 2012 as the official release date for Halo 4. 343 Industries’ follow-up to Halo: Reach will be a direct sequel to and set four years after Halo 3. Phil Spencer of Microsoft stated that Halo 4 marks the first entry in a new trilogy “that will encompass the next decade of ‘Halo’ games and experiences.”

Conan O’Brien will discuss Halo 4 on tonight’s show (11 p.m. PDT/10 p.m. CDT) during a special segment about the Chief. TeamCoco.com has additional details.

Halo 4 (360) Announcement - Art

Official Site: Halo.Xbox.com

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