New trailer released for Cave’s 360 shooter Akai Katana

Rising Star Games has released a new trailer for Akai Katana, the newest 360 shooter from Cave. Some of the game’s features were also announced. In addition to online leaderboard support and downloadable replays, there will be three gameplay modes (Origin/Arcade, Slash, and Climax), optional Original Arcade settings, and local two-player co-op support in Arcade.

Scheduled to launch this spring, Akai Katana is set in a parallel world during a turning point in the Taisho period. After the discovery of a blood katana, the empire turned to human sacrifice in order to unlock the blade’s full power. The sacrifices have resulted in a rebellion, with the empire’s enemies taking to the skies in fighter planes and wielding their own powerful swords against the imperial forces.

Official Site:

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