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Blades of Time demo now available on Live, PSN

Blades of Time (360, PS3) Demo Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

A new demo has launched on Live and PSN for Konami and Gaijin Entertainment’s recently released hack-and-slash action title Blades of Time. The demo allows players to try out the game’s time-manipulating and cloning mechanics and a few of Ayumi’s melee and magic abilities as they guide the treasure hunter through puzzles and square off against enemies.


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Rising Star releases new trailer for Cave shooter Akai Katana

Rising Star Games has released the first trailer for their inaugural North American release, Akai Katana. The upcoming Cave-developed shooter is set in a parallel world during a turning point in the Taisho period. After the discovery of a blood katana, the empire turned to human sacrifice in order to unlock its full power. The sacrifices have resulted in a rebellion, with the empire’s enemies taking to the skies in fighter planes and wielding their own powerful swords against the imperial forces.


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Gears of War 3 gets Forces of Nature DLC map pack

Gears of War 3 (360) Forces of Nature DLC Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

It’s time to grab some galoshes and a raincoat because Gears of War 3’s Forces of Nature DLC has hit Live Marketplace. The new pack includes five multiplayer maps: Aftermath, Artillery, Cover, Jacinto, and Raven Down. As the name indicates, each level has a weather theme, with Aftermath featuring a flooding city, tornado-force winds in Artillery, heavy fog in Cover, torrential rains and Imulsion contamination in Jacinto, and snow storms in Raven’s Down.


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