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Good Old Games, now known exclusively as—well, GOG for us, since we’re lazy—has expanded to include newer titles. While the download service offers sister company CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 2, the library will now feature a growing selection of modern releases. To kick things off, GOG has added DRM-free versions of Trine and The Whispered World, as well as a pre-order option for the throwback dungeon crawler Legend of Grimock. Darwinia, Spacechem, and Machinarium will also be available shortly, and over 20 “newer classics,” from both big publishers and indies, have already been signed. The newer titles also mean a new price ceiling, with Legend of Grimrock and The Whispered World each breaking the previous $9.99 cap at $14.99. However, the company stresses that they will continue to charge “flat, fair prices everywhere in the world for DRM-free games that come bundled with many extra free goodies.”

Legend of Grimrock’s is the service’s first outside-the-family pre-order campaign, and the only one for digital outlets. A limited-time discount of 20% off is being applied, bringing the $14.99 price down to $11.99. The release comes bundled with wallpapers, avatars, concept art, and all of the other GOG-type extras. Pre-orders close on April 10, and the game is scheduled for release on April 11.

The website has also been revamped, with a slew of new features and tweaks. The Community Wishlist now allows users to suggest, vote on, and discuss titles they would like to see on the service as well as site features. My Account now has a search feature, as well as new library organization options. The optional downloader is also said to offer download speeds of up to 8 times faster than through the browser, and it now allows for the downloading of patches and notifications of patches, forum replies, and PMs.

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Legend of Grimrock

Legend of Grimrock (PC) Preorder Announcement - Screenshot 2

Legend of Grimrock

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