Ridge Racer drifts it home onto store shelves, PSN

As goes with Sony consoles around launch, a new Ridge Racer, aptly titled Ridge Racer, is now available for the PS Vita. The latest entry supports online play, and includes access to an application offering an “interactive audio and video experience” so that fans can get a “unique taste of this bold and glimmering entry.” Gamers who pick the title up at launch will also receive a code for a free Gold Pass, which will allow them to download an upcoming DLC pack that is set to include five new vehicles, three new courses, two music tracks, and an extended music mix. Digital copies off of PSN will include the pass until April 30.

Ridge Racer is available for $29.99 at retail or for $24.99 off of PSN. The Gold Pass is also available via the PS Store for $7.49. The full contents will include the Promessa, Elenie, Dignistar, Fatalita, and Meltfire; Old Central, Sunset Heights, and Lost Ruins courses; New Songs Pack 01; and Long Mix BGM 01. Later this spring, a Silver Pass will be available for $6.99, which will include three vehicles (RC410, Evolver, and Wisdom); three courses (Oceanfront Cruise Way, Redstone Thunder Road, and Silver Mountain Skyway); New Songs Pack 02; and Long Mix BGM 02.

Ridge Racer (PS Vita) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1Ridge Racer (PS Vita) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 2Ridge Racer (PS Vita) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 3

Official Site: NamcoBandaiGames.com

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