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Tribes: Ascend set to launch next month

Hi-Rez Studios has announced that their free-to-play sci-fi shooter Tribes: Ascend will be released on April 12. The follow-up to Dynamix and Sierra’s 2001 Tribes 2 is part of a thirteen-year-old franchise that seems to be going strong, judging by the 400,000-plus participants in the open beta. For gamers wanting to join in the pre-release action, all they have to do is sign up at the game’s official site. No key is required, and Hi-Rez announced that progress will carry over to the final version.


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Legacy Interactive to distribute PC retail version of Alan Wake

Alan Wake (360, PC) PC Launch Announcement - Screenshot 4

Nordic Games has handed over the retail reins for the upcoming PC version of Alan Wake to Legacy Interactive. The boxed edition will include the first two DLC releases, The Signal and The Writer, and is set to ship out on April 3.


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Crush3D now available at GameStop

Sega’s GameStop-exclusive puzzle-platformer Crush3D has launched for the 3DS. Expanding on the original Crush, the latest version includes new locations, characters, and hint system. As Danny, players will have to navigate their mind by crushing platforms from 2D to 3D and back, in order to bypass obstacles and battle enemies. New features for the 3DS include 3D graphics and StreetPass support, which will allow players to exchange gifts with others as well as earn Gift Points to access new bonuses.



Prototype 2 developer chat, new pre-order bonuses announced

Prototype 2 (360, PC, PS3) March Preorder Announcement - Header

It looks like retailers are itching to get in on the Prototype 2 pre-order action. Amazon and Best Buy have both announced that gamers who pre-order a copy for the 360 or PS3 before launch on April 24, or PC before its release on July 24, will receive extra items. Amazon is giving away a code to access the first issue of Dark Horse’s Prototype 2 prequel comic, The Anchor. Best Buy, who already announced a Hardened Steel Vehicle Armor upgrade, will be taking the steel theme even further with an exclusive steelbook case.


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