Amplitude Studios announces new 4X title, Endless Space

Paris-based developer Amplitude Studios has announced a new 4X strategy title, Endless Space. The download-only release will be available for Mac and Windows PC, and its development will be chronicled for interested gamers to follow through the Games2gether program. At the official site,, gamers can participate directly in the creation process by trying out early versions of the game and offering their feedback.

Players will meet new races to trade, form alliances, or go to war with as they guide one of eight playable factions. So far, Amplitude plans to include hundreds of star systems and numerous planet types for exploring. The studio is also shooting for optimized controls to make short- and long-term planning easy, as well as a robust set of customizable ship types—a dozen per civilization—and recruitable heroes from five classes that can be assigned as fleet admirals or system governors.

Endless Space is the first title from Amplitude, a new studio formed from alumni of such diverse series as Battlefield, Rayman, and Might & Magic, and is set in a universe that is said to be “rich with millions of years of history as well as the remnants of lost civilizations.”

Endless Space (Mac, PC) Announcement - Screenshot 2Endless Space (Mac, PC) Announcement - Screenshot 3Endless Space (Mac, PC) Announcement - Screenshot 4Endless Space (Mac, PC) Announcement - Screenshot 5

Official Site:

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