MechWarrior Tactics gets first batch of in-game screenshots

MechWarrior Tactics (PC) March Screenshots - Screenshot 1

The first shots from Roadhouse Interactive and A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. Games’ upcoming BattleTech-licensed turn-based strategy game, MechWarrior Tactics, emerged today. Set in the year 3025, players will lead a mercenary force whose services are available to the highest bidder as the five major houses battle for control of the Inner Sphere planets. Players will be able to obtain and upgrade mechs, as well as team up with others to carve out their own territory.

I don’t know why the mech gods have decided to bestow their colossal metallic blessings on us in 2012, with MechWarrior Online and Tactics, but I shall be making a suitable offering of oil and munitions later this evening.

Amid a universe thrown into chaos, five major houses control the vast majority of the Inner Sphere planets. In this time of impending war, every faction moves their force in a bid to expand territories and gain control over valuable and rare resources. New Mechs are being developed at rapid, unprecedented rates. Collapse of multiple territories in the face of hostility is imminent. As Commander of an elite mercenary company, join the battle and carve out your place in the history of the Inner Sphere. Obtain new Mechs and upgrades with each conquest and team up to defeat the onslaught of enemies vying for all your fame and glory. MechWarrior Tactics puts you in control over the destiny and fate of your place in the Inner Sphere.

MechWarrior Tactics (PC) March Screenshots - Screenshot 2MechWarrior Tactics (PC) March Screenshots - Screenshot 3MechWarrior Tactics (PC) March Screenshots - Screenshot 4MechWarrior Tactics (PC) March Screenshots - Screenshot 5

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