Square Enix launches Ankama’s tactical MMORPG, Wakfu

Square Enix has launched Ankama’s tactical MMORPG, Wakfu. The Mac, Linux, Windows PC release is available as a free download with a premium model that carries a subscription fee of $6 a month. Premium members have access to the highest levels, all areas of the game, all story chapters, 16 professions, the ability to create and join guilds, and the ability to be a governor. Both free and premium members will be able to purchase items, content, and services through the in-game store.

With 12 distinct, completely customizable character classes to select from and a variety of missions and turn-based combat to engage in, Wakfu takes place in a vibrant and immersive world where players’ choices are paramount and actions directly impact a continuously evolving ecosystem. Featuring a rich political system, players can defend their nation against enemy attacks, conquer new territories, vote, elect government officials and even run for governor!

Wakfu (Linux, Mac, PC) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1Wakfu (Linux, Mac, PC) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 2Wakfu (Linux, Mac, PC) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 3

Official Site: Wakfu.com

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