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Good Old Games adds iEntertainment’s Apache Longbow

Good Old Games (PC) Signs iEntertainment and Apache Longbow Announcement - Screenshot 1

iEntertainment, the studio founded by MicroProse Software co-founder “Wild Bill” Stealey, has signed on with Good Old Games. The announcement also brings with it a new title for the download service: Apache Longbow. Gamers can snatch up a DRM-free digital copy of the well-received sim for $5.99.


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PS Vita hardware sells over 1.2 million, software over 2 million

PS Vita Announcement system small

Sony has announced that, as of February 26, the PlayStation Vita has sold over 1.2 million units worldwide. The system launched on December 17 in Japan, then in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea before hitting store shelves in North and Latin America, Europe, Singapore, and PAL territories earlier this month. Sony has also reported that software sales, via retail and PSN, now surpass 2 million units.


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Sniper Elite V2 pre-order extras to include new weapons, mission

Sniper Elite V2 (360, PC, PS3) Preorder Bonus Announcement - Screenshot 1

Hitler will be returning from Berchtesgaden on his personal train soon, and if you pre-order 505 Games and Rebellion’s Sniper Elite V2, you’ll be able to take a shot at him. Gamers who put down some cash on the upcoming tactical third-person shooter before its May 1 release date will be able to access three bonuses: two new weapons (Soviet SVT-40 automatic rifle and German Kar 98 service rifle), and the Kill Hitler mission. Prepare yourself, Adolf!


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Binary Domain now available for 360 and PS3

Binary Domain (360, PS3) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

If video games have taught us anything, it’s that our future will be dominated by man-killing machines. Case in point: Binary Domain, a new third-person squad-based shooter from Sega and Yakuza’s Toshihiro Nagoshi, is yet another cautionary tale of robotics gone awry. In 2080, in the midst of a world wracked by climate change and resource shortages, Tokyo finds itself under siege from an army of robots led by cyborgs known as hollow children. As Dan Marshall, players will lead the R.U.S.T. crew through ground-level slums and the high-rise homes of the wealthy in their hunt for the source of the hollow children.


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Call of Duty Elite Season One kicks off on PSN with two new maps

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (360, PC, PS3) Elite Content Season One Liberation and Piazza DLC Announcement - Screenshot 4

The first Content Season for Call of Duty Elite has officially begun for PS3 owners. Two new maps are available on PSN today, Liberation and Piazza, for Elite Premium Members. The next content drop for the nine-month season is scheduled to launch on March 29 with the Overwatch map.


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