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Call of Duty Elite’s new content drop, Overwatch, launches on Live

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (360, PC, PS3) Elite Content Season One Overwatch DLC Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Call of Duty Elite’s third Content Drop for Season one is now available for Live Gold members. The drop includes the Overwatch map, a two-level construction site set atop a New York City skyscraper. Teams will have to battle it out over a central bridge and side routes, all while trying to avoid the 70-story drop to the streets below.


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Spec Ops: The Line release date, pre-order info announced

Spec Ops: The Line (360, PC, PS3) Release Date and Preorder Info Announcement - Screenshot 1

After a devastating sandstorm, Dubai is in ruins, and Colonel John Konrad and The Damned 33rd battalion are missing. As Captain Martin Walker, it’s up to you to search through the ruins and battle back opportunistic invaders to save the Colonel and evacuees in 2K Games’ upcoming third-person shooter Spec Ops: The Line. The publisher announced today that the latest in the long-running series, in development at Yager, will be hitting store shelves on June 26 for the 360, PC, and PS3.


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Saints Row: The Third gets new DLC mission, Gangstas In Space

Saints Row The Third (360, PC, PS3) Gangstas in Space - Header

Saints Row: The Third’s second DLC mission pack, Gangstas In Space, is now available for the 360, PC, and PS3. The upgrayedd—for that double dose—is available for 560 MS Points/$6.99 and follows director Andy Zhen’s foray into sci-fi, which features the Third Street Saints in a battle against invading aliens.


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Asura’s Wrath hits store shelves, DLC announced

Asura's Wrath (360, PS3) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Capcom’s collaboration with CyberConnect2, Asura’s Wrath, is now available for the 360 and PS3. As a once-revered god banished for a crime he didn’t commit, players set out to take revenge on those who exiled him and murdered his family. According to Capcom, Asura’s Wrath is set to redefine the action genre by fusing Asian mythology with science fiction to deliver “unprecedented levels of dynamism, drama, and interaction.”


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Good Old Games signs GSC Game World, adds Cossacks Anthology

Good Old Games (PC) Signs GSC and Cossacks Announcement - Screenshot 1

Good Old Games can add another feather in their cap: Ukranian developer GSC Game World. The first title from the studio’s catalog to hit the download service is the sixteenth- and seventeenth-century-flavored strategy pack Cossacks Anthology. The $5.99 bundle includes Cossacks: European Wars and both of its expansions, Cossacks: Art of War and Cossacks: Back to War. As with GOG’s other releases, Anthology comes with wallpapers, soundtracks, manual, and a unit quick reference card.


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Syndicate blasts, hacks way onto store shelves

Syndicate (360, PC, PS3) Announcement - Screenshot 3

Starbreeze’s Syndicate, a reimagining of Bullfrog’s original strategy release from the 1990s, has hit store shelves today for the PC, 360, and PS3. The game might have shifted from an isometric strategy to a first-person shooter, but the dystopian future ran by mega corporations who hire bio-chip-enhanced agents to carry out their dirty deeds remains the same. As one of these agents, players will be able to manipulate time, see through walls, and hack their way to money and power.


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Ironclad Games announces free-to-play Sins of a Dark Age

Sins of a Dark Age (PC) Announcement - Header

Sins of a Solar Empire developer Ironclad Games has announced a new free-to-play ‘hero-and-commander’ strategy title, Sins of a Dark Age. Unrelated to the other Sins, Dark Age pits online teams against one another in short head-to-head matches, or as allies against an AI opponent in custom scenarios. Players choose a commander for overseeing the army and base building, while their heroes lead the charge into combat. Heroes are selected from an increasing pool of power-wielding warriors who level up with experience and act as rallying points for the troops. On a slight twist to the free-to-play model, powers are free, with heroes, commanders, factions, and skins costing real-world bucks.


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(PC Review) Jagged Alliance: Back in Action

“… a game whose potent post-patch potential buoys its otherwise limp arrival.”


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