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Final Fantasy XIII-2 to get episode DLC, new costumes

Final Fantasy XIII-2 (360, PS3) Sazh Heads or Tails DLC Announcement - Screenshot 1

Final Fantasy XIII-2’s second post-launch DLC pack has been announced for the 360 and PS3, a new episode titled Sazh: Heads or Tails? The new side quest runs parallel to the main storyline, and as with the previous DLC release, the Lightning and Master Sergeant Amodar Coliseum Battle, victory is rewarded with the option to recruit him as a party member. The 400 MS Point/$4.99 pack, due out February 28, also comes with two new card games for Serendepity, Chronobind and Serendipity Poker.


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Epic Quest brings role-playingness to the pinball world

Epic Quest (360, Android, iOS, PS3) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Zen Studios’ latest pinball adventure, Epic Quest, is now available for consoles and mobile platforms. Xbox gamers can download the role-playing pinballer as part of the Pinball FX2 platform for 240 MS Points, while PlayStation gamers can snag it as a standalone download off PSN for $2.49. Those wanting their pinball on the go can download an Android or iOS copy off Android Marketplace and App Store, respectively, for $0.99.


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Alan Wake launches on Steam, new diary for American Nightmare

Alan Wake (360, PC) PC Launch Announcement - Screenshot 2

Alan Wake has finally made its way to PC. After years of previews and a year-plus of coverage for the Xbox 360 version, Remedy’s psychological action thriller has launched for PC on Steam. A retail version, from Nordic Games, will be hitting store shelves “shortly.” The download version is $29.99 and features both available DLC packs, The Signal and The Writer, as well as support for multiple monitors and stereoscopic 3D. There are also multiple configurable control schemes and options to both hide the HUD and adjust the field of view.


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