Twisted Metal blasts onto PlayStation 3

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After a lengthy absence, save for an enjoyable resurgence in 2008 on the PS2 and PSP,  Twisted Metal returns to the PlayStation today with the appropriately named Twisted Metal. Developed by Eat Sleep Play, which itself was co-founded by the series’ creators, the latest entry in the car-combat series features four groups battling it out for the chance to have a single wish granted by the founder of the Twist Metal tournament, Calypso. The dark humor, strange characters, and explosive power-ups all return to see the latest live up to its 1995 namesake.

For those with fond memories of blowing up their friends off and online, Twisted Metal supports four-player local split-screen and 16-player online versus play. Over 30 maps set across eight environments are available in multiplayer, playable in a variety of modes, including Team Deathmatch and the leader-sacrificing Nuke. But for those who prefer to go out with a wingman, co-op play is also supported.

“As a multi-million unit selling series, and the longest running franchise in PlayStation history, Twisted Metal is a major factor in our continued success with the PlayStation brand,” said Guy Longworth, Senior Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing. “With its introduction on the PS3, Twisted Metal delivers the series’ signature dark humor and personality while adding a deep online component, unique single player experience, and vast battle environments.”

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