Darksiders II gets Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop pre-order extras

Darksiders II (360, PC, PS3) Preorder Announcement - Screenshot 1

Deadly Despair Pack (Amazon)

Darksiders II might be months away, but that isn’t stopping Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop from trying to entice a few bucks out of your wallet. To get the pre-order bucks flowing, each is offering a unique in-game incentive, ranging from additional missions to celestial-themed panoply.

Amazon is offering gamers the Deadly Despair pack, a permanent speed upgrade for Death’s steed, Despair. Best Buy is going a different route with the Angel of Death pack, which includes a set of armor inspired by angels, a pair of upgraded matching scythes, and a visual trail for Death’s crow companion, Dust. GameStop is offering the Death Rides pack, which includes several exclusive side quests set within the Maker’s Realm and Dead Plains, offering around an estimated two hours of gameplay.

DarksidersII is set to launch on June 26 for the 360, PC, and PS3. For more information on Darksiders, check out our review of the first Darksiders for the PC.

Darksiders II (360, PC, PS3) Preorder Announcement - Screenshot 2

Angel of Death Pack (Best Buy)

Darksiders II (360, PC, PS3) Preorder Announcement - Screenshot 3

Death Rides Pack (GameStop)

Official Site: Darksiders.com

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