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Rage HD app gets update, two DLC episode packs

Rage HD (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) Launch DLC and Update Announcement - Screenshot 1

id’s iOS rail shooter Rage HD has been updated today, bringing the app to version 2.0. The update includes support for iOS 5, new melee combat, and access to two new episodes, Kraken and Aqueduct. The app goes for $1.99 and the episodes for $.99 each, purchasable from the Store button on the game’s main menu.


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Mega Man and Pac-Man join PS3, Vita Street Fighter X Tekken roster

For far too long Pac-Man has been confined to the realms of an abyss-like maze, haunted by determined foes and given only the briefest of reprieves when delicious fruits give him the power to wreck vengeance on his tormentors. It is time for the beast to be unleashed. And unleashed it shall be in the PS3 and PS Vita versions of the upcoming crossover fighter Street Fighter X Tekken. Capcom and Namco Bandai have announced that each has thrown a new fighter into the brawling lot, with Capcom sending forth the blue bomber himself, Mega Man, and Namco the ever-smiling, ever-deadly Pac-Man.


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Dead Island to expand story with Ryder White DLC

Dead Island (360, PC, PS3) Ryder White DLC Announcement - Header

Dead Island will be receiving a new DLC pack next month, Ryder White. The expansion offers a single-player campaign that follows Dead Island’s protagonist, showing the events on the island from his point of view, as well as two blueprints and weapons.


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Alan Wake – PC version to get retail release

Alan Wake (360, PC) Boxed PC Retail Announcement - Screenshot 1

Remedy Games’ excellent psychological action thriller Alan Wake will be hitting store shelves for the PC, courtesy of Nordic Games. The boxed edition will include both of the DLC releases currently available on Live Marketplace for the 360 version, The Signal and The Writer. Although a release date and price weren’t announced, Noridc noted that they will be passing along the official word shortly.


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Rayman Origins PC specs, release date, and promo announced

Rayman Origins (360, 3DS, PC, PS3, Wii) PC Release Info Announcement - Header

Rayman Origins is PC bound, and not only that, but gamers who pre-order through digital outlets will also receive a free downloadable copy of the excellent Rayman 2. Origins will launch on March 29, so orders will have to be placed before then in order to experience a series highlight for zilch.


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(iOS – iPod touch Review) RayForce

(iOS Review) RayForce

“RayForce might be able to hold its own against Cave’s best, but not its iOS port.”


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