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Doom returns to Live Arcade – pew! pew! BOOOOOOOM!

Doom (360) Live Re-release Announcement - Header

After passing a year-plus all by its lonesome, Doom II will be rejoined by its predecessor later today when Doom re-launches on Live Marketplace. id’s seminal first-person shooter was pulled some time ago, but it will be back in all its keycard and BFG 9000 glory by the end of the day for 400 MS Points.


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Mass Effect 3 demo announced for 360, PC, and PS3

Mass Effect 3 (360, PC, PS3) 360 PC PS3 Demo Announcement - Screenshot 1

The final leg of Commander Shepard’s journey is nearing, and in what can only be described as a cruel joke on those with loved ones wanting a quiet Valentine’s Day, EA has announced that they will be releasing a demo for BioWare’s Mass Effect 3 on February 14. (I’m so sorry, dear—the galaxy needs me!)


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