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Panzer Corps gets new 1.05 patch, Grand Campaign ’41 DLC

Panzer Corps (PC) Grand Campaign 1941 DLC Launch Announcement - Header

Following the recent comprehensive 1.05 update, which includes four new multiplayer maps, new units, and various fixes and tweaks, Matrix Games and Slitherine have released a new DLC pack for Lordz Games Studio’s Panzer Corps. Grand Campaign ’41 includes fifteen new scenarios that see German troops being sent to secure the Balkans before the launch of Operation Barbarossa.


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Cyanide’s Confrontation gets a new teaser – Wolfen incoming!

Cyanide, developer of Blood Bowl and A Game of Thrones, has released a new trailer for their upcoming strategy title Confrontation. Based on Rackham’s boardgame of the same name, Confrontation takes place in a world on the brink of all-out war as the Age of Rag’narok nears. Players will lead a customizable squad of Griffin warriors against the Scorpion threat through lands filled with deadly Orcs and Wolfen.


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