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Batman: Arkham City gets Arkham City Skins Pack DLC

Batman: Arkham City (360, PC, PS3) Arkham City Skins Pack DLC Launch Announcement - Header

The Dark Knight is getting a bit fancier today with the release of the Arkham City Skins Pack. The $4.99/400 MS Point set includes seven skins ranging from Year One to Batman Beyond.


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Rage demo now on PS Network

Rage (360, PC, PS3) Meet and Greet Announcement - Screenshot 2

PlayStation 3 gamers interested in picking up Rage this holiday season now have a chance to give it a try. A new demo has launched on the PS Network that tasks wastelanders with stopping the Ghost Clan from poisoning the water supply of one of the few settlements still standing, the town of Wellspring. The demo offers a chance to interact with the townsfolk, try some of the mini-games, race in the Speedway, and of course, kill lots and lots of bandits.


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