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All Zombies Must Die! heading to Live Arcade later this month

All Zombies Must Die! (360) XBLA Announcement - Header

doublesix’s undead-centric action-RPG shooter All Zombies Must Die! will be launching on Live Arcade later this month, courtesy of Square Enix. The publisher announced that the Burn Zombie Burn spiritual successor will see protagonist Jack trying to make do in a town now home to hordes of zombies. Up to four players can make their way through the shambling corpses, leveling up their characters and crafting new weapons as they tackle various side quests.


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Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition to get Version 2012 update

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition will be receiving a healthy update shortly with the release of Version 2012. All 39 characters will be rebalanced, with tweaks including hitbox extensions, longer stun durations, and increased hit-detection periods. A full list of the changes can be found at Capcom’s site in a 12-page PDF document. No launch date was announced.


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