Asura’s Wrath box art, pre-order extras revealed

Azuras Wrath (360, PS3) Preorder Announcement - HeaderAsura’s Wrath is receiving the pre-order treatment from Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop. Amazon is offering the Devastator Pack, which includes two additional gauges that reduce damage taken and increase the Unlimited Rage Gauge’s recharge rate. Best Buy has another pack on offer, the Infinity Pack, which includes the Extinguisher Mode and Zealot Mode; the two allow players to recover quickly from overheating as well as prolong Unlimited Rage Mode. GameStop is offering up some physical goods instead of virtual extras, with a “what if” comic book from Penny Arcade, following the cyborg-demigod throughout everyday situations, and a collection of developer CyberConnect 2’s concept art on the flipside.

Asura’s Wrath will hit store shelves on February 21 for the 360 and PS3.

Azuras Wrath (360, PS3) Preorder Announcement - BoxAzuras Wrath (360, PS3) Preorder Announcement - Art BookAzuras Wrath (360, PS3) Preorder Announcement - Penny Arcade BookOfficial Site:

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