Panzer Corps gets patched to 1.4, two Grand Campaign DLC packs

Panzer Corps (PC) DLC Launch Announcement - HeaderPanzer Corps has been hit with a double download doozy this week. Yesterday, the 1.04 comprehensive update was released, which includes tweaks to unit cost and game rules as well as extended support for modders. And today, the game’s first two DLC packs have been made available: Grand Campaign ’39 and Grand Campaign ’40. Each campaign adds new scenarios, improved AI, unique objectives, and the ability to carry a core army throughout the different campaigns.

Grand Campaign ’39 begins on September 1, 1939, and includes 15 new scenarios: Poznan, Danzig Corridor South, Danzig Corridor North, Lodz, Piatek, Wyszogrod, Kampinoska, Forest, Modlin, Warsaw South, Warsaw North, Spoils of War, Oslo, Lillehammer, and Narvik.

Grand Campaign ’40 begins on May 10, 1940, and includes 14 new scenarios: Eben-Emael, Albert Canal, The Hague, Sedan, Maubeuge, Arras, Calais, Stonne, Wassigny, Amiens, Dunkirk, Reims, Dijon, and Maginot Line.

For more information, our review of Panzer Corps can be found here.

Panzer Corps (PC) DLC Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

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