MechWarrior Online announced for 2012

MechWarrior Online (PC) Announcement - HeaderPiranha Games has been trying to get a new MechWarrior off the ground for a while now, but much to the chagrin of fans, they’ve hit more than a few roadblocks. After many a month (re: years), the franchise will finally be returning to the PC as MechWarrior Online, a free-to-play release helmed by Piranha Games and published by Infinite Game Publishing.

Set to launch late next year, MechWarrior Online will transport players to the year 3049 at the outbreak of an interstellar war. As commander of a BattleMech, players must maintain their unit for maximum combat efficiency by purchasing new systems and constantly adjusting their weapons and armor. Daily story updates and content additions will work alongside players’ actions to keep the universe dynamic in both conquest and versus modes. Mercenary Corps will also be possible, as well as Corps battles as each struggles for preeminence in the war between the great houses for control of the Inner Sphere planets.

“We’re excited to lead the MechWarrior franchise online for fans of the series,” said Russ Bullock, co-founder of Piranha Games. “We’re proud to partner with Infinite Game Publishing, and are thankful for the fans of the MechWarrior series that have been so patient for the next MechWarrior game to arrive. Infinite Game is a partner who understands both the world of games publishing and the crucial technical needs of today’s AAA online gaming experiences. Together we are bringing fans epic next-generation Mech combat online in 2012.”

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