Zen Studios giving away latest Pinball FX2 table, Paranormal, for free

Pinball FX2 (360) Paranormal DLC Announcement - Screenshot 1Zen Studios wants to thank their fans for the success of Pinball FX2 with a free table. On October 26, FX2 players will be able to download the latest table, Paranormal, for free. The table will be free until November 2, and those wanting the gift will need to grab Pinball FX2, a free release that doubles as a platform supporting for-pay DLC tables, off of Live Marketplace in order to access the table.

As a paranormal detective, players will put their sleuthing pinball skills to the test as they investigative such supernatural phenomena as hauntings and sightings of strange creatures. A rotatable mini playing field hosts four different mini-games, supernatural events, time portals, and floating objects to contend with. The game is afoot!

“In celebration of one year of Pinball FX2, and as a big THANK YOU to all of our supporters, we are happy to offer the new Paranormal table free for one week!” said Mel Kirk, Zen Studios Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations. “For players who have not yet joined the Pinball FX2 community, this is the perfect time to come and experience the game.”

Pinball FX2 (360) Paranormal DLC Announcement - Screenshot 2Pinball FX2 (360) Paranormal DLC Announcement - Screenshot 3Pinball FX2 (360) Paranormal DLC Announcement - Screenshot 4 Official Site: ZenStudios.com

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