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Logitech announces Modern Warfare 3-themed keyboard, mouse

Logitech Gaming Keyboard G105 (Peripheral) Announcement - Shot

Logitech is set to release two new game-centric peripherals designed especially for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Later this month and early next, respectively, the Logitech Gaming Keyboard G105 and Logitech Laser Mouse G9X will be hitting the market just in time for Infinity Ward’s latest.


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Zen Studios giving away latest Pinball FX2 table, Paranormal, for free

Pinball FX2 (360) Paranormal DLC Announcement - Screenshot 1

Zen Studios wants to thank their fans for the success of Pinball FX2 with a free table. On October 26, FX2 players will be able to download the latest table, Paranormal, for free. The table will be free until November 2, and those wanting the gift will need to grab Pinball FX2, a free release that doubles as a platform supporting for-pay DLC tables, off of Live Marketplace in order to access the table.


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Cities XL 2012 gets one more batch of screens before release

Cities XL 2012 (PC) October Screenshots - Screenshots 1

Cities XL 2012 is launching tomorrow for download, but just in case its city-building wiles haven’t tempted you yet, some new shots have been sent for your viewing pleasure. We also included a few older ones for good measure.


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(PC Review) The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

In anticipation of the release of Skyrim, we’ve put Nick’s (huge) Morrowind review into the new layout. Coming soon: expansion reviews! Ahh! It’s 2002 all over again!


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