Kinect brawler PowerUp Heroes now available for 360

PowerUp Heroes (360) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1Ubisoft’s Kinect-only superhero title PowerUp Heroes is now available for the 360. The $49.99 fighter, developed by Ubisoft Quebec, turns players’ Live Avatars into mighty heroes with the ability to harness over 40 powers by wearing the super suits of defeated foes.

Kinect will allow for full-body control as players dodge and attack using one of the 20-plus close-combat combos, as well as fire projectiles. In addition to the solo practice, campaign, and free fight modes, players can get their friends to join in for some multiplayer versus and tournament action locally or in one of three online modes.

PowerUp Heroes (360) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 2PowerUp Heroes (360) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 3

Official Site:

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