Army Corps of Hell announced for PS Vita

Army Corps of Hell (Vita) Announcement - HeaderThe PS Vita is adding another notch to its launch lineup belt with Army Corps of Hell. The Vita-exclusive action title from Square Enix and Entersphere will feature “a new level of vicious combat, dark humor and lightning-quick action.” As the deposed King of Hell, players must command their hundred-strong goblin army against the usurpers and reclaim the throne.

The makeshift army will have to arm themselves using the gear taken off of defeated enemy soldiers. In addition to all of their pointy sticks and swords, goblins will also be able to play instruments in order to inspire and revive their comrades. For those wanting even better loot, ad-hoc multiplayer will support up to four players in their quest to topple tougher bosses and gain rare items.

Army Corps of Hell (Vita) Announcement - Screenshot 1 Army Corps of Hell (Vita) Announcement - Screenshot 2Official Site: – Army Corps of Hell

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