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Orcs Must Die! launches early on Steam, pre-order bonus announced

Orcs Must Die! (360, PC) Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 5

After recently launching on Live Arcade, Robot Entertainment’s action-strategy title Orcs Must Die! has hit Steam. The release is a day ahead of schedule, and as a bonus, gamers who purchase the game before 8:00 a.m. tomorrow (PST) will receive the Knight of the Order costume for the War Mage.


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Sideway: New York seeks aspiring (digital) taggers on PSN

Sideway: New York (PS3) Launch Announcement - Header

Playbrains and Fuel Entertainment’s 2D adventure-platformer Sideway: New York has launched on PS Network. The SOE-published release features 2D characters running about a shifting 2D/3D New York City. As graffiti artist Nox, players must best enemies and obstacles in a quest to save his friends from their archenemy, Spray. And with drop-in/drop-out local co-op play support, friends can join in as well.


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Dragon Age II – Mark of the Assassin DLC now available for download

Dragon Age II (360, Mac, PC, PS3) Mark of the Assassin DLC Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Hawke is setting out once again today with the release of the Mark of the Assassin DLC for Dragon Age II. The pack is available for 800 MS Points/800 BioWare Points/$9.99 for 360, Mac, PC, and PS3. Mark of the Assassin adds a new member to the party, the rogue Elven assassin Tallis, voiced by The Guild’s Felicia Day. Hawke must aid her in stealing a relic from an Orlesian Duke in exchange for her assistance with some pesky mercenaries. The scenario, accessible from any safe house at any point within the original campaign, will include new environments and is said to dive deeper into the backstory of the Orlesian and Qunari races.


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Ace Combat Assault Horizon takes off for 360, PS3

Ace Combat Assault Horizon (360, PS3) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Namco Bandai’s long-running combat flight sim series returns today with Ace Combat Assault Horizon for the 360 and PS3. The Project Aces-developed entry adds a new damage model, for better debris and particle detail, attack helicopters, urban battlegrounds, a close-range assault system, super-sonic jets, door gunners, and a new online multiplayer mode, Capital Conquest. The story, penned by Threat Level Black author Jim DeFelice, puts players in the role of a pilot assigned to an international task force that will find itself taking on missions across the globe. Launch copies will allow access to three free multiplayer skills, and all copies will allow access to the Facebook Skin Design Contest winning entry, Death Rider by Chi-Chun Liu, as a playable skin for the F15-C fighter.


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Red Dead Redemption: GOTY Edition moseys onto store shelves

Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition (360, PS3) Announcement - Header

Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition, announced earlier this summer, is now available for the 360 and PS3. The collection is going for $49.99 and includes a whole lot of Wild West Awesomeness (WWA for short): the original game, all free and paid DLC, all pre-order extras, Solomon’s Folly hideout and challenges (for the first time on the 360), and the Undead Nightmare single and multiplayer content.


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Batman: Arkham City – Nightwing Bundle Pack DLC revealed

Batman: Arkham City (360, PS3) Nightwing Reveal - Header

The Dark Knight will be joined by his former protégé Nightwing next time around, courtesy of a DLC pack. The Nightwing Bundle Pack for Batman: Arkham City will be available on November 1, with Robin’s pack launching later on November 22, for 560 MS Points/$6.99.


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Forza Motorsport 4 makes a sharp turn onto store shelves

Forza 4 (360) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Forza Motorsport 4 is now available for the 360. The Turn 10 Studios racer comes in two varieties, the standard $59.99 game-only release and the Limited Collector’s Edition for $79.99. The premium version contains three cars packs (American Muscle Car Pack, Launch Bonus Car Pack, and VIP Car Pack), VIP membership status, and additional DLC. The car packs have also launched as day-one DLC for those who grab the regular version, with the five-car Launch Bonus pack being a free download and the ten-car American Muscle pack going for 560 MS Points—both are detailed below. Forza 4 sports a new engine, new Car Clubs with Rival Mode, Kinect support, Top Gear (BBC) integration, and cars from over 80 manufacturers.


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Dead Rising 2: Off The Record continues the zombie bashing

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record (360, PC, PS3) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Frank West returns to the land of the undead today in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record for the 360, PC, and PS3. Off The Record is a reinterpretation of the events that occurred during Dead Rising 2. The Fortune City Outbreak has been expanded with the addition of new areas and missions as the perspective shifts to that of photojournalist Frank West, protagonist of the original Dead Rising.


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