Tropico 4 release date announced for 360

Tropico 4 (360, PC) Release Date Announcements - Screenshot 1El Presidente returned to gaming last summer when Tropico 4 launched for PC, and now, console gamers are getting their chance to rule a Caribbean island of their own. The people are ready to cheer in a new incarnation of the president, and they have announced that they are prepared to hand over power on October 18 when Tropico 4 hits store shelves for the 360.

Players will get the chance to manage a city and its economy by dictating what’s to be built and where funds should be allocated, as well as govern its populace. Over 20 new missions are included, as well as 10 new maps, 20 new buildings, six interactive natural disasters, ministers to elect and manipulate, and National Agendas to set.

Tropico 4 (360, PC) New Screens screenshot 3Tropico 4 (360, PC) New Screens screenshot 2

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